About Us

Tri-Town Self Storage is located along Route 23 in Leola, Pennsylvania.  We offer flexible lease terms with a one month minimum or as long as one year and anywhere in between, as well as discounts for long term leases.

Once you have opened a unit, you will have 24 hour, 7 days per week access as long as your monthly rent is paid. Our regular storage units, outdoor storage and our larger climate controlled units are fenced and gated. You will have your own personal code to get through the gate. Our smaller climate controlled units are in a two story building where you will use your code to open the outside doors to get in the building. There is a lift available for those units on the second floor.

For your convenience, we supply your lock and all keys for the unit. We offer climate controlled storage, regular storage, outside storage and truck rental services.

When opening a storage unit you will need the following information:

  • Valid photo identification
  • Second form of identification (social security number)
  • First month’s rent (we will prorate the second month’s rent)
  • $15 one time administration fee
  • Current insurance card and valid owners card (outside storage only)


The following are a few of the items that cannot be stored in our facility for the safety and comfort of our customers.

Inflammable or Combustible Materials

The storing of these materials in an enclosed space is extremely dangerous due to the possibility of fire, and they should not be stored in our storage units. When possible, please remove the fuel from the fuel tanks in any items you store. This includes any hazardous materials and aerosol cans.


The storage of pets is prohibited within the storage units. This is obviously cruel and could result in prosecution.

Illegal or Stolen Goods and Drugs

The storage of illegal or stolen goods is prohibited within our storage units. Additionally, please do not store drugs of any kind, whether they are legal or illegal.


Please be considerate with fragrances in your unit.

Living/Working in Unit

The units are for storage only. You may not work in the units (ie, work on a vehicle, conduct a sale, auction, or garage sale, etc.). Additionally, YOU MAY NOT LIVE IN THE UNIT.

Know What You Are Getting Into!

All self storage facilites are not created equal. We advise examining the actual unit before leasing it to ensure that you are getting the clean, safe, and secure storage you request. Additionally, we recommend that you place your belongings on pallets or a plastic or paper pad, since the floors are concrete.